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Cowboy & Indian Cub Camp!

13-15th September 2013
Horley Campsite

This was our last camp of the year with the camp being loosely based on a Cowboy and Indian theme.

The eight Cubs who came slept in twos in their own small tents but for this camp we also had the use of Taurus Lodge which we were able to use for cooking, dining and indoor activities.

During the weekend the Cubs enjoyed a full range of activities.

Friday evening was spent doing indoor team games which included archery, lassoes, target shooting and pinning the sheriff badge on Woody, who, as I am sure everyone will know, is the cowboy character from ‘Toy Story’.

Saturday morning was spent creating and making Totem Poles, making our enormous Lazy Ranch sign, making individual miniature Indian Tepees and also colouring and cutting out different cowboys ready for a game in the woods later in the day.

We had invited our Beavers to join us after lunch on Saturday for an afternoon of games. Eleven Beavers came and had a wonderful time with the Cubs.

As our Cubs were dressing up as Cowboys for the day we had asked that the Beavers did the same. It was quite a sight to see all the checked shirts and cowboy hats running round the field and woods thoroughly enjoying themselves.

The games included Hunting for Gold and Chasing the Horses Tail plus searching for the hidden members of Cowboy families in the woods.

One of the Saturday evening activities involved the Cubs and Leaders being taught how to line dance by Deb Webb, a friend of Sheila’s, who very kindly came over to Horley for an hour or so.

We were all impressed at how well the Cubs did and the Leaders didn’t do too bad either although there was quite a bit of friendly rivalry amongst the Leaders!

The evening ended with a very enjoyable wide game outside in the dark where, using their torches, the Cubs had to find a number of fluorescent strips that had been hidden round the field and take the object for their team that had been hidden alongside the strip.

On the Sunday morning there were various individual challenges for the Cubs to complete including raising and lowering the Union Flag, an agility game using cones, a hobby horse football game and seeing how far they could get on a Pogo stick.

The final challenge was after lunch when the Cubs had to collect enough wood to light then keep a fire going, eventually letting the fire die down to enable them to do some backwoods cooking.

The idea was that the Cubs would be ‘cooking’ their own dessert which was chocolate oranges and chocolate bananas. Yummy!

A very enjoyable and successful camp, despite torrential rain on the Friday evening and showers on and off during the course of the weekend.

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