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Towcester Swimming & Buddie's Diner

16th November 2013

This afternoon out has become a favourite of the Cubs and Leaders so we try and fit it into our programme every year if we can.

The 12 Cubs who went had a wonderful time in the pool where they enjoyed surfing the waves, the flume rides and playing on the inflatables.

By the end of their session in the pool the Cubs were more than ready for their tea at Buddies American Diner which is just down the road from the swimming pool.  We have been going there for several years now and the staff are always friendly and welcoming.

The Cubs like the fact that they are sat away from the Leaders and are able to give their own orders to the waiting staff. Needless to say, the Leaders do keep a discreet eye on the Cubs but we are always proud of how well behaved the Cubs are and the fact that the staff compliment us on their good behaviour when we are ready to leave.

Already we have had requests for this trip to be included in our 2014 programme so watch this space!

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