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Fun Day Out to Twinlakes Theme Park!

13th October 2013
Twinlakes, Leicestershire

We had our annual fun day out to Twinlakes Family Theme Park in Melton Mowbray on this very wet Sunday.

This is a theme park which is very well suited to the age group of the Cubs and is a particular favourite of the Leaders, especially as it has two vast indoor play/activity areas as well which also contain some of the smaller rides. Ideal for wet weather!

The torrential rain in the morning didn’t dampen the spirits of the 12 Cubs and four Leaders and in fact worked to our advantage as there was nobody outside for the first hour or so until the rain eased off, so the Cubs were able to go straight on to the rides without queuing and were able to stay on for several rides in a row.

The Cubs made the most of the outdoor rides before lunch which included the Indy Karts, Joust About, King Arthur’s Swing, Pirate Ship, Dizzy Dune Buggies, Mini Roller Coaster and Sky Flyer.

During the morning the Cubs also managed to play on the Excalibur Adventure Playground and visit the Zoo Farm where they saw Highland Cattle, Goats, Llamas, Meerkats, Rabbits and Guinea Pigs just to name a few.

We then went inside the Labyrinth indoor area to dry off and eat lunch before the Cubs spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying every slide, climbing tower and swings that they could find not to mention trying out the indoor rides such as the Chair-a-Planes and the Trauma Tower.

Just before it was time to leave we went into Buccaneers Island, which is the other indoor area where there were other rides such as the Sloop Rise and Barrel Run to enjoy not forgetting the Master Blaster area where the Cubs and Leaders could shoot soft cannon balls at each other.

We left Headquarters at 08.30 with all Cubs travelling in the mini-bus, and arrived back at 18.00 so a very long exhausting day but without exception, the Cubs and Leaders thoroughly enjoyed their fun day out. Roll on next year!

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