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Reptiles Visiting Pack Evening

3rd October 2013

To add a bit of variety to our Pack evenings we will sometimes invite someone to come in and talk to the Cubs about a subject that we think will interest them.

This Pack evening, Rory, a friend of Caroline, one of our Cub Leaders, brought down his collection of three snakes to show the Cubs and talk to them about the snakes, how to look after them, what to feed them etc.

There was a Corn Snake, a Burmese Python called Fronz and a Boa Constrictor called Silas. Rory also brought Mr Whippy the Whip Spider and Wellingtons the Millipede.

The Cubs thoroughly enjoyed the talk from Rory, who was very knowledgeable and passionate about his subject. Some Cubs also chose to touch or even hold the snakes.

All this was done in a safe environment and, as you can imagine, all the Leaders were watching to make sure the reptiles were safely put back in their boxes and the same number left Headquarters as had arrived at the start of the evening!!

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