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Twinlakes Family Theme Park

11th October 2015
Twinlakes Themepark

On a lovely warm sunny Sunday in October, we took 15 Cubs, six Leaders and one Young Leader by minibus and cars to Twinlakes Family Theme Park in Melton Mowbray.

This is one of our favourite places to visit for a fun day out, with lots to see and do and just ideal for Cub age.

The Cubs thoroughly enjoyed everything that was on offer in the various Zones they worked their way round, with such names as Excalibur Adventure Zone, Au Guang Dragon Zone, Action USA Zone, Canada Quay’s Zone and the two indoors Labyrinth Venture Zone and Buccaneers Island Zone.

There was a variety of rides within each Zone to go on with some of the favourites being the Buffalo Stampede Coaster, Water Flume, Joust-About-Ride, Jester’s Revenge, Sky Flyer, Sledges, Indy Karts and Bump Boats.

As well as the Cubs dashing around each Zone to get on the rides, you would also see the Leaders dashing around as well, elbowing the Cubs out of the way so they could be first in the queue. (They did elbow very gently though!) 

The last hour or so of our day was spent in the two indoor Zones with large play areas, giant slides, ball pits, mazes, Trauma Terror ride and lots more. The Leaders, much to their delight, were also allowed to play as well!

All in all, another wonderful day out for the Cub Pack.

Photos can be found here.