Past Events...

Crystal Maze Evening

12th November 2015

The Cub Pack had invited Tom, one of our Assistant Scout Leaders, to come to a Pack evening to run a Problem Solving evening as we had heard that he was a whizz at organising such an evening. The evening would also help some of the Cubs complete one of the requirements of their ‘Our Skills Challenge Award’.

Unfortunately, due to work commitments, Tom wasn’t able to be there until the end of the evening but had organised all the activities, then sent along our Scout Leader Alan, armed with detailed instructions for each activity, together with Andy and Ashley, two more of our Assistant Scout Leaders, to run the evening, assisted by the Cub Leaders.

What a fantastic evening it was! Based on the Crystal Maze, there were four Zones for the Cubs to work their way around in their Sixes, with several activities in each Zone, described as mental, physical or skill.

The Six chose which of the activities they wanted to do in each Zone then had an allotted time to complete each activity, thus winning a Crystal if they completed within the time. The Six at the end of the evening with the most Crystals were declared overall winners and given a token prize each for their efforts.

Some of the activities had titles such as Lego Copycat, Radioactive Challenge, Wormhole, The Code, Crossy Room, Jenga Tower, Minefield and Blind Challenge.

The Cubs thoroughly enjoyed the evening, and as well as learning a lot about problem solving, also learnt a lot about teamwork. It was a bonus to have Tom, Alan, Andy and Ashley run the evening as it gave the Cubs the opportunity to get to know some of the Scout Leaders.