Past Events...

Night Hike & Sleepover

8th-9th March 2014

The 14 Cubs taking part in the hike together with seven Leaders and one Young Leader met at the duck pond in Wroxton at 19.00 on the Saturday night.

Alan, our Scout Leader, had worked out the route, walked it with the Scouts the previous Tuesday and led our hike so we knew that there wouldn’t be too many nasty surprises ahead of us.

The weather was really kind to us with a wonderful clear star filled sky helping set the scene for our hike.  All Cubs, as instructed, were all suitably attired for the hike.

Our route was approximately four miles and took us from Wroxton to Balscote, where hot drinks and biscuits were provided, then on to Shutford before heading back to Wroxton.

A few very muddy spots, due to weeks of torrential rain prior to the hike, with one Cub’s boot having to be rescued from a rabbit hole where it had got well and truly stuck, but all part of the experience.

All the Cubs and Leaders thoroughly enjoyed the hike although it was some very weary Cubs that we transported back to Headquarters for supper and sleepover.

Thanks to Alan’s mum Joyce, who had cooked Pizzas for supper, these were soon demolished by the Cubs as were the choice of cakes afterwards.

Sleeping bags and other kit had already been brought to Headquarters the previous Thursday so by midnight the Cubs, after getting ready for bed, cleaning their teeth etc., were all settled into their sleeping bags and before too long were all fast asleep.

This was the cue for the Leaders to enjoy a hot drink in the kitchen before retiring either to the separated area of the main hall or upstairs, for their well deserved sleep.

The hike must have really tired the Cubs out as they didn’t stir until just before 7.00 when they then had a cooked breakfast to look forward to.  Before we knew it, it was 10.00 when the Cubs were collected by their parents after Hikes and Nights Away badges had been given out.

This then left the Leaders to finish cleaning up before they made their way home to enjoy the rest of their Sunday, all unanimous that the hike and sleepover had been an enjoyable success.