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23rd March 2014
Snibston, Coalville

As an acknowledgement of the extra responsibility that our Sixers and Seconders have within the Pack, we always try and organise a special day out for them.

This year was no exception and we took all eight Cubs to Snibston Discovery Museum in Coalville in Leicestershire, travelling by minibus accompanied by four Leaders and our Group Chairman.

The Museum is a delight for both children and adults with so much to see and do set out in different galleries.  A lot of the exhibits are interactive and hands on.  The galleries included:

  • Extraordinary Gallery – A highly interactive area exploring the technology that has shaped our lives
  • Light Fantastic & Science Showcase – Hands-on exhibits focused on the everyday effects of light, science and technology
  • Toy Box – A nostalgic look at toys, including many favourites from local firm Palitoy
  • Transport, Engineering & Industry – The story of Transport
  • Fashion Gallery – The largest public display of fashion outside London

And lots more!

The Cubs had a fantastic time in the Museum before we adjourned to an old Finnish railway carriage where we were able to eat our packed lunch.  Afterwards the Cubs experienced the outdoor play area for a while before it was time to gather for the last Colliery tour of the afternoon which we were booked on to round off our day although we didn’t quite know what to expect.

It turned out to be an absolutely amazing walking tour of the Colliery buildings thanks in the main to our guide Henry, dressed in authentic clothes of the period, who had worked at the Colliery for 20 years before its closure.

Henry told us fascinating and funny stories as we toured the buildings, taking in such areas as the control room and medical centre, and marvelling at all the various exhibits on display.

Both Cubs and Leaders were enthralled with what Henry had to tell and show us about the Colliery and mining in general.  His talk was pure entertainment with his knowledge, enthusiasm and sense of humour keeping us interested all the time.

The Cubs loved it because Henry pitched a lot of his talk and stories at their level and also involved them in different scenarios as he also did with the adults.  The tour should have lasted for 45 minutes but I think Henry was enjoying it as much as we were that in the end it lasted for nearly 90 minutes.

We are sure that Henry must count as one of Snibston’s most prized treasures!

The Cubs were still trying to guess on the minibus back home if there were real body parts in the covered bowl that Henry showed them and our Scout Leader can't wait to show his Scouts how to resuscitate a canary!

All in all a brilliant day out for our Sixers and Seconders.